Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Before...

March was a CRAZY month!  We painted, we moved, we moved, and we moved some more.  Here are just a few quick pictures from before the painting and after we get things all unpacked I'll get some pictures of our new paint scheme.  Even though it is a rental, we think it is well worth the effort to paint.  I fully believe that a coat of paint is the fastest way to make a place your own.

Enjoy the pictures!

One Bedroom...

And the other...

The Office/Library/Dining Room....

The Living Room above and Kitchen below...

Have you ever painted a rental? 


  1. Paint really is magical.. though i've never painted a rental before.. some require you paint it back to the original color when moving.. while some don't mind it as long as it looks nice..
    good luck with everything.. would love to see what you do with the place.

  2. Hena,

    The first step in painting is DEFINITELY to check-in with your landlord first and find out the regulations they have for painting. For instance, when our landlords approved the colors they warned us that we would likely have to paint two of the rooms back since the colors aren't necessarily "low-key." We seriously took that into consideration when deciding to paint, but decided that since we plan on living in this rental for the foreseeable future, that it is well worth the efforts. If it was a short-term rental, however, we would have focused more on bright curtains, and large colorful artwork to bring "us" into the apartment.