Monday, April 23, 2012

The New Apartment...the After

We had our first visitors to the new apartment this weekend.  They weren't stay-over visitors, but they were coming so it meant cleaning!  And, since we cleaned the new apartment (yes, some of that meant merely shoving things in closets for the moment), it was a perfect time to snap a few shots of the new place to share.  I hope you all enjoy!

Here's a shot of the Entryway.  It was a great place to put our dental cabinet from Brimfield and our simple, sleek black chair.  It's close enough to the living room that we can pull it in when we need extra seating, but it works great here for taking on and off rain boots.

This is our Living Room.  It's almost the exact same size as our old living room, but set up differently.  Just to the left is the entryway and barely visible to the right are the french doors on to the deck.  Further to the right is....

The Kitchen!  Jessica used some of that fabulous curator knowledge to come up with the idea of hanging our orange metal tray and large wooden serving tray on the wall as art using L-pins.  That way we can spin the pins to get them off the wall when we want to use them, but when they aren't in use they are easily stored and give some decoration to the kitchen.  And, see that spot above the cabinets?  With some clever engineering we were able to use the tops of the cabinets as storage for all our cookbooks.  Yes, I have to stand on the counter to get to them, but at least they are in the kitchen!

Here's Jessica's Office, which will also be used as the Dining Room when we have Dinner Club at our place.  This room is actually twice as large as it appears, but the other half is still housing some unpacked maybe you'll see it later!

And finally here is the sewing/crafting area of the Spare Room that I claimed for my own.  There is also an antique desk in another corner, from which I am writing this post, but I forgot to snap a picture. So, you'll also have to wait to see that. 

I hope you've enjoyed the brief tour of our apartment, and all the new paint colors!  More pictures will eventually crop up as more and more gets done around the apartment, and especially around the back porch...but that project is on hold until all this rain clears away.  I guess I should be glad, it is letting me get away without watering my plants this week.

Have you made a brave and bold color choice lately?  Painted any rooms dark red or bright blue?

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