Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There once was a napkin...

When I got married back in October, my spouse and I decided to do a lot of the wedding DIY...(which you will see pieces of throughout the life of this blog)...including the napkins.  Since we were only using them once, we did not hem the napkins, just washed the fabric and cut them with pinking shears.  Now, we have these random squares of green and orange fabric.  Today, two of those napkins turned into something else.

The first thing on the agenda was to make this awesome Rummikub bag. Now we won't have to pass the big box around when it is time to draw tiles, we can just pass this cute little orange bag!

I still had a little bit of orange left, so I combined it with some green and made a simple ruched flower pin.  I started out with a strip of fabric and sewed a zig-zag line to create the basis of the ruched flower.

After pulling the thread tightly to create the ruched line...

I sewed the strip into a circle making one layer of the flower.

I repeated the steps with a strip of green.  Then created a green yo-yo for the center and finished it all off with a now un-smelly button! 

It isn't perfect, but it's cute. 

In what kind of creative ways have you reused bits of fabric?

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  1. Cute pin!
    Last year, I used a lot of my scraps by making a strip-pieced quilt, but my scrap drawer is out of control once again! Time to think of a project...