Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall!

I love Fall.  The changing leaves, the crisp air, and the apples...oh the apples!  The other weekend we went apple picking and picked a LOT of apples.  Having never made a large pot of applesauce to freeze, I had no idea how few apples it really takes to get a whole bunch of applesauce. 

Tonight I finally dove into the bags of apples we picked.  I ended up going through one of these...

And making a pot of applesauce with my Mom's recipe.

Some of it is going in lunches tomorrow, a container of it is going in the fridge for this week, and multiple containers are going in the freezer for later enjoying.

I also made one of these...

We had an extra pie crust in the fridge from making a quiche at the end of last week, combined with some apples, and another fabulous Mom recipe, plus an cobbler crumb topping...and yum, Yum, YUM!!

I think I'm going to be making more apple recipes in the near future, seeing as the bag in the first picture is all the apples I have LEFT from tonight's endeavor.  But that's all right, I sure do love apples!

What do you love to make with fall apples?

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