Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well, the last month of summer came and went in a whirlwind of vacations, work, and projects.  We did a little bit of apartment cleaning...which our very helpful baby cat Annie thought she would help out with...

Isn't she such a helpful cat when it comes to flipping the mattress???? 

The other thing that has kept me occupied this summer...discovering the hidden treasures in the city we call home!  One of them, Tastease, is this amazing mini-donut shop with dozens of different varieties of mini donuts.  And, since it is difficult to make mini donuts with filling, they just pipe the filling right on top.  They are super tasty. 


Well, enjoy the beginning of your week!  I'll be back a little later with some great pictures from the season's last Brimfield Antiques Show, and some of those great projects I've spent the last month working on....first, I have to upload the pictures...

See you all again soon!

How did you spend your last lazy days of summer?

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