Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Fancy Bachelorette

Next month a friend of mine is getting married.  My sister is the Maid of Honor and asked me to create a fancy and fun sash and blusher for the bride-to-be.  So....I did!

There was one stipulation, the bride-to-be is going to wear a pink dress to her bachelorette party, and it needed to match.  Instead of doing the traditional wording on the sash, I had a bit more fun with it and decided to go with something that still says, "this is my party" without screaming "I'm a bachelorette."  Here is what resulted:

Here's a close up of the blusher...beads, fabric remnants, feathers, and sparkles...doesn't get much better!

And just to make sure that it fit the bride-to-be perfectly, I made a little pin so she can pin the sash together, and even pin it straight to her dress if necessary throughout the night of fun!

I hope she enjoys them and has a great time in the next few weeks as the best part approaches!!!!

Love you D.!!!!

What kinds of random crafty projects have you been asked to create?

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