Monday, April 18, 2011

One of my Favorite Things

A few years ago, we got some homemade vanilla for a Christmas gift.  We realized this winter that with a few more batches of chocolate chip cookies and pancakes, we were about to use up the last of the delicious vanilla (which, by-the-way, not so delicious if you ever actually taste it straight up!).  So, we made our own. 

I love homemade Mom always had homemade jelly in the cabinet (raspberry peach will forever be my favorite), and a homemade dinner on the table.  When faced with the eventual demise of our stock of homemade vanilla we looked up the recipe...super easy: vanilla beans + vodka = yummy homemade vanilla!  It takes a couple weeks to make as you shake it daily and just let the beans steep in the vodka, but you can make it stronger the longer you keep it going.  Ours ended up pretty dark, so now it is just a matter of remembering that it is strong and you need a little less than usual. time you find yourself about to run out of a cooking staple, look up a recipe....maybe it will not be too hard and it will turn out even better than you expected!!!!

What is your favorite homemade food? 

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